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Odoo Sign lets you send, sign, and approve documents online, streamlining processes across all areas of your business.

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Simplify, Automate, Sign 

Drag and drop editable and required fields. Automate repetitive tasks with pre-filled templates. Write your document once and boost productivity!



  Gather signatures in seconds. Clients can review and sign documents electronically on any device with just a few clicks.

Keep Your Signing Process Under Control

 Track document status, send signature requests and reminders quickly, and monitor the progress of your contracts.

All the Features, Perfectly Crafted.

 SMS Authentication

Send one-time codes via SMS to verify signatories during the document signing process.

 Choose Your Signature Style

Signers can select from three options: automatically generate a signature, draw it using their mouse or finger, or upload a scanned copy of their handwritten signature.


 Cryptographic Traceability

Ensure that all operations are securely logged. An audit log provides complete transparency to all parties while safeguarding private data.

 Sequential Signing

Specify the signing sequence so that recipients are notified only when it's their turn to sign.

 Automated Reminders

Configure automatic reminders to prompt users to complete their signatures.

 Compliance with Legal Standards

Aligned with eIDAS regulations and the US ESIGN Act.


Verify entries with a single click.

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