Customize Your Apps to Your Heart's Content

With Odoo Studio, you're in control—no programming knowledge required. Add fields, create new views, and streamline workflows with ease. The sky's the limit!

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Your New App, Not From Scratch

Create your app quickly and easily. Simply select the features you need, and Odoo takes care of the rest!

No More One-Size-Fits-All

Easily add fields with a simple drag and drop and customize your screens: label, type, appearance, functionality, and more. It's all in your hands!

Make Your Documents Truly Yours

Personalize every aspect of your documents, from aesthetics to content. Fine-tune invoices, reshape manufacturing order overviews, and create new documents from scratch.

Let Odoo Studio Do the Work for You

Define triggers and automate actions for any record changes effortlessly.

Set Up Approval Flows

Ensure critical actions are verified before execution. Configure notifications to trigger when specific actions are initiated and direct them to designated users.

Empowering Your Growth Journey with MoonSun!

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